Was I wrong? ( sorry it's long )

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To give you a little background:
Jada, Cynario, and I have been friends for almost a year. They've been great to be around. But recently,  all they do is complain that I never talk to them or hang out with them. Mind you, they never call/text/message me but expect me to be there when they call me. But all they do when we get together is smoke weed and drink. I'm not about that. Never have been, never will be.
Anyways, it's now boiled down to last night when around 10:30pm Cynario calls me and asks me to babysit her baby. Mind you, she just had the baby january 14. Being that it was late and my boyfriend and I was just falling asleep, I said I can't. 
So a few minutes later on Facebook, Jada posts this: 
My biggest issue with this is that I have always been there for them. This was the first time I had said no to them. For goodness sakes, the day after Cynario got out of the hospital, she had me watch her baby so she could go to a party, which I guess she and Jada were wanting to do last night.
This morning, I see that Jada posted this:
My question is why they feel the need to go out when Cynario has a baby. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Jada had lied about being pregnant for 9 months. So Jada and I aren't really as close as we were anymore.
So this morning, my boyfriend goes on Facebook on my profile ( because he isn't friends with Jada or Cynario and says this:
Everything he had said was true. 
So was I wrong for saying no last night?