I think we tried?!

I've been wanting to try for another baby for a little while and I just started mentioning it to my SO he wasn't really up for the idea. We have a 5yo son and we had a still born son 2 years ago. I'm young still but I'm ready to try again. Last night I was joking around with him teasing him about making babies amd how im ovulating and how I know he wants another one he told me 2 years. We started play fighting, and one thing led to another we started having sex. It was super romantic like not like the usual quickie. Every time he's close to cumming he tells me and pulls out but last night he held me tight onto him and came inside of me, then he looked me in the eyes kissed me gently and told me he loved me more then anything. I didn't wanna ruin the moment and be like did we just try for a baby, but I'm so excited about this what do you guys think?! I know it's not likely to get pregnant first try but maybe!