Looking for similar situations

Devan • 22 and figuring life out, one day at a time.

Hi ladies,

Here's the deal. My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive since October of 2013 after a year of failing and being in so much pain I went to the gyno and get checked to see if it was me.

I had surgery on my ovaries a week ago Thursday. (I would post the pictures from surgery but I don't want to upset anyone) I had scar tissue holding them in place causing immense amounts of pain and a complex ovarian cyst in one. I have a few coworkers that have told me they've had the surgery 3-4 times.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how many times has the surgery been done?

Has anyone else had the same problem causing surgery(scar tissue)? If so, were you able to conceive afterwards?

He leaves in a week and is gone for a month. When he gets home I want to start trying again, I stopped trying before the surgery because it was deemed pointless until after.

Any suggestions to help boost my pregnancy chances?

Thanks lovelies,