Break up...long post

So my SO and me got into a fight tonight and everything calmed down afterwards. He went to pour himself a drink and after two of them I told him to make sure he cleaned up his mess. Apparently in him mine that was me being a bitch again. So he told me we needed a break and that I should go pack my things. I told him no and he informed me why would I want to stay since we just broke up and plus he was gonna go to a bar tonight now that he's single he could see any girl he wants. I know it's the liquor talking but I've been depressed as it is and idk how to handle this or myself. I have trust issues majorly. And he already said that he didn't love me anymore bc of how I've been acting. I can't sleep now and I've been crying nonstop since. I know it's not good for the baby either with all this stress but I just don't know! I love him so much but now I'm back at my depressed state the first time we broke up over a year ago. My mind is going crazy!!!!!!