Baby essentials!!! What do I really need?

MomOf2 • Married 💏 DD:4yrs old 👑 Angel Baby 5/6/2014 👼 My Rainbow Baby! 5/21/2015 👶🍼💙
So I wanted to get this post started just so we could all have a little bit of insight from other moms when it comes to what to buy for the arrival of our little ones!
As a second time mom, I know for a fact that buying way to many Newborn size outfits is a waste of money! My daughter left about 3 boxes full of new, never used Newborn size clothes! I regret buying so much, since now I'm having a boy and I simply had to donate all the new clothes to family members and sold some at garage sales. 
So please let's just start a little chain of messages for those who are starting a list of baby essentials! Even I need some insight, this is my second baby after 5 years so I feel like I've forgotten what to buy and what not to buy! 
Another thing I might add is that I will not have a baby registry at any store, I am simply inputting on my baby shower invitations "Gift Cards Only, Please". So I will be doing a baby list and shopping for everything myself! :) 
This is why I need to refresh memory on what is really necessary when it comes to shopping for the baby. 
Thank you for reading!