Don't know what wrong with my SO.

A long story short.. my SO has been sleep talking laughing and saying different women names. this the first time hearing him do this in the 3 years living together that's not all in the last few months when we want to have sex he wants me to lie on my stomach with my head in the pillows like he doesn't want to look at me last night I tried having a chat with him he just laughed saying I'm over thinking. he's spending so much time at work now days that I'm enjoying having my own time to myself I don't want him to come home, I know I'm horrible to think that. we've been together for some time now I don't get a kiss when he home from work anymore all we seem to be doing is having sex every so often and even then it's not got that moment anymore I seriously have no idea what to do has anyone been through or got any advice? :(