Can't stand my husband

Jaimi • Jaimi. 28 years old. Herb is DH. 16 month old daughter Evelyn. Pregnant with #2. 9/23/17
So I know I've been a bit moody lately. But in all honesty my husband has just been nasty the last few weeks. This isn't new either I'm just not sure if I'm really realizing it now or what. He's bipolar. Gets mad and yells over things out of his control (dogs had an accident while we were out, people driving too slow etc.) and he goes from 0-60 in a blink of an eye. Has the mouth of a sailor. It seriously is making me so anxious that I don't even want to talk to him in fear that he'll get upset. Let me be perfectly CLEAR he is NOT physically abusive with me. Never has been. And I know he won't be. But his constant negativity and outbursts are exhausting. He should so incredibly happy. We're having our first baby and it's our rainbow. You'd think he was the one pregnant!! I'm currently 5w3d. This baby was 110% planned. I just can't understand why he is being so nasty. It's to the point where I'd rather he just live elsewhere for awhile. He causes me so much stress. Help!