spotting a day before period O.o

Hey guys so basically I have a ques. I had sex Friday March 6 and I remember him pulling out on time and wiping before going back in. However weirdest thing is I'm not supposed to get my period today. ( Sunday March 8) however I started spotting Saturday night . I wiped (brownish red color came) , then after two , three hours. It stopped nothing was there. And today I wore a pad in case. I wasn't spotting all morning then tonight I'm spotting a more red color but its super light. Sorry tmi. However today is my period date but I would normally get it heavy and get crazy cramps before. I didn't get that with this spotting. I just feel super tired and like the slightest pinch in my sides by my uterus. I researched it. Says implantation all over search results. But what do you guys think ??!! anyone experience this before pregnancy or do you think its just a scare. Btw I've never head a light period. I always spot for like a hr or two then the heaviness comes . but I've been waiting for it to get heavier n nothing. ..?