I need a mans opinion

So my bf & i plus his family were supposed to have a date night but he said can we go tomorrow Cuz he wanted to go chill with his friend. This is the 2nd time it's failed Cuz last week when we were supposed to go he ended up working. But he didn't have to.
Well we rarely see eachother Cuz he works night 4-1am I work days. 10-3 so sat and Sunday is the only time we get. 
Anyways after he said he was just gona go to his friends I got upset and he knew it but still left. I text him im leaving to my friends. This was last night Saturday 9:30pm it's now Sunday about to be Monday. He hasn't text or called me at all. U think he's waiting for me too get ahold of him first or is he really mad that I left? Idk what to do I love this man so much but I think I'm just gona go home tomorrow. I'm just curious to know what u men think is going threw his mind. And no I don't believe he's cheating. I think he just wants me to call/text him & basically kiss his ass & admit that I'm in the wrong. But really I think were both in the wrong.