What do u think

I am 20+ days late... i havent really showed symptoms.. 9 days after my period in January i spotted but i thought that was due to over doing it i did a lot of standing and housework and had really bad cramps so i laid down for 20 mins spotted for maybe an hour that was it nothing more then either last week or 2 weeks ago late at night i was so sick i had to go to bed to make myself feel better but it was only at night and never throughout the day which lasted only a week.. light cramping here and there like im fixing to start but mostly when im up doing a lot with my daughter... thats pretty much it no sore boobs or anything mostly use condoms but did use the pull out method twice which i know u can still get pregnant that way which i dont think im pregnant but i am going to buy a cheap walmart test tomorrow as i usually buy first response (pink dye test) my question is will it give me an accurate result if i use the cheap walmart one... i always have used first response i trust those results 100% but im scared the cheap one wont be accurate i just dont want to waste the money which is hard to come by on a better test and i literally only have like $2