VBAC stories?

Meredith • 28 years old. Wife. Mother. Lover of the most high.
So I'm 8 weeks along with my second baby. With my first, I was induced at 41 weeks. I fully dialated and pushed for 2 hours. The baby got stuck and we had to do an emergency c section. My Dr told me he doesn't think I'm a good candidate for a vbac. He said I did fully dialate last time which was good, but since Jr got stuck, he wants to just go ahead and schedule a c section. He says after 3 c sections is when the risks start going up. I trust my Dr completely and want to do whatever he recommends. If he told me to deliver the baby while standing on my head, I would, no questions asked. I LOVE my Dr, but at the same time, I really want to try a vbac. Does anyone have any success or failure stories when trying to have a vbac? Thanks y'all