I've been working with my job for 7 months. I got hired to do a certain position, was honest about my experience in the interview. Told me they liked looking for a diamond in the rough.

Only thing is, I've been doing tasks that are nothing as to what I was hired for, yet I've been trying to learn as best I can.... but my boss isn't giving me the tools/training I need. Having me use YouTube and Google to learn what he wants me to do.

Gets upset when I do it wrong. Shakes his head, huffs and puffs, explains it to me, and when I tell him I understand it is wrong, he tells me "no, I don't think you get it!"

I'm afraid to approach him today because I've hit a wall and I don't know how to proceed with a certain task he has asked me to complete.... I've tried and looked online for answers, started over several times, and I literally just don't know where to go next.... but I'm afraid to go in his office right now and tell him because I know I'll get chewed out with his passive aggressive personality.

Anyone else go through this?