Am I overreacting?

So I've been talking to this guy for a while and this weekend was our first time meeting up! We both live in another state. I live in Miami and he live in Atlanta. We met up in Orlando. We both canceled important things so we can finally see each other. I left right when I got off work. He was off. I arrived before he did. He was 4 hours late because he wanted to see his mother. Who lives in Georgia. I understood he wanted to see her but he could have stopped on his way back. It cut 4 hours out of our time. We only was able to see each other 3pm to 5pm the next day. I arrived at 330. He arrived at 7. So we didn't do nothing but stay at the double tree. I felt upset because he didn't consider our time. The next morning we got up and he was on the phone talking about stopping to see his family. Who lives in north Florida. He was telling them he was leaving orlando at 12. So  I just gathered my stuff and we left and went our separate ways. I was preparing for this little get away for weeks. Maybe I expected more from him. It would've been nice if we got to see the city. And let me add he couldn't put down his phone. Am I overreacting???

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