A poem from our angel

Mommy To An Angel 👼🏽
I found this poem online and it touched me. I hope it does the same for you. 
"The Busiest Day In Heaven"It's the busiest day in HeavenI'm planning a big surpriseTo let you know I love youAnd that no one ever diesEven though your down belowAnd I am up aboveI'm sending you my wishesAnd all my angel loveIt's really quite excitingTo plan this big eventFor lots of gifts will come your wayAnd all are Heaven sentFirst I'll take a bubble bath-My splashes might cause some rainBut knowing all the fun I'm havingWill help to ease your painNext I'll get some picturesIn my halo and gownSo when you get to HeavenYou can show me all aroundI have color crayons in HeavenAnd I will draw some stars so brightAnd place them in the sky todayFor you to see tonightThen Jesus will have story timeAnd I will sit upon his lapHe'll tell me all about youJust before I napI'll awake full of energyAnd play a game or twoBefore I finish sendingAll my love to youAfter snack I'll write a songFor all the birds to singAnd know I've made you happyWith all the joy it bringsAt night time I'll be tiredBut I'll still hold you tightMy arms will wrap around youAnd keep you through the nightAnd when you finally slumberI will kneel and prayAsking God to bless you