I am an "infertile" woman...TTC for almost two years. I am a young, Christian woman who was so upset that I was not conceiving easy and thought that I was barren. I am 26 and happily married. Both myself and my hubby have great jobs and are both healthy people! No reason to not be pregnant. So, in my frustration while browsing the internet, I bought the book, Woman, You Are Not Infertile by Veronica Anusionwu and it has given me encouragement when nothing or no one else has. I hated hearing " just forget about it...it'll happen" from other people. So, I thought because of this hard time in each of our lives and the constant depression each month when our periods come, I could share a story that made me smile and know that it's coming :) 
In her book she talks of a woman who was told by her specialist that she could not have children. She said, "each time my period comes I went through a bereavement, a time of great disappointment, mourning, a loss; I became empty and devastated." Then she shared what God says of this matter...this comes from Isaiah 49:20-21...the children born during my bereavement will yet say in my hearing 'this place is too small for us, give us more space to live in.' I felt as if I was alone, but all these children, where did they come from? 
God is telling you today, woman, your days of bereavement are over, your days of emptiness are over. 
The author goes onto pray for each of you beautiful ladies going through this terrible time...
Father, I praise you, for you have skillfully and wonderfully created me as a woman to fulfill a specific purpose; only you, God, could have done these things- I give praise to you, Almighty God, are exalted above the heavens. You blessed me with a womb to carry children and I thank you for it. In the name of Jesus I bless my womb and I call it fruitful in the name of Jesus. I declare that my womb is not for decoration but for reproduction. In Jesus name I carry child now! Amen! 
I pray blessings and baby dust to each and every one of you beautiful ladies!