Had what I thought was going to be the 1st ob appt

Well when I woke up this morning I was having light spotting I didn't freak out I just kind of sat there like okay. I got my two older boys to school and I went to the store for more tests just in case. It's been a couple days and I didn't want to be embarrassed at the ob. I got to the ob and I was thinking okay I will pee in the cup Nope didn't do that. All they did was take my blood and the OB used a speculum to see if there was anymore bleeding there wasn't. She said I would need to see a specialist for my heart and she said to come back in on Friday and that was it. Nothing more! I'm used to a dating ultrasound, peeing in the cup them filling for my uterus, discussing my edd, and them saying congratulations! Not at this office obviously.......
Here are the test I took this am at home