Baby boy is finally here!

Was set for to be induced Monday the 9th at 10 am because of "advanced maternal age".  Apparently, if you're 40 or older, it is dangerous to get to 40 weeks so they induce at 39. 
Went in and was effaced 70 percent but zero dilation but had plenty of contractions - just not painful. They went to work trying to get the dilation going and gave me two different medications. 
By Monday night, I was at 1 cm. Tuesday they gave me pitocin and broke my water around 9 pm. That started some seriously painful contractions. I mean - oh my god, how could anyone possibly give birth type of pain. I got an epi eventhough that wasn't the original plan. It helped so much but made me numb which wasn't entirely pleasant. Def better than the pain. 
Overnight, I went from 1 cm to wake up around 5 am at 8 cm. it was incredible. 
I was ready to push at 630 am. Kept pushing to 945- phew- when he arrived. I wasn't allowed to eat solids from when I arrived Monday so I was a bit under prepared to push so long by Wednesday! But - my baby was born at 945 in great health and I couldn't be any happier. His head is a bit cone shaped (poor kid!) and I had one internal tear but nothing compares to holding him. He smells so good! So- welcome to the world Liam James. 7 lbs 11 oz, 21 inches. Happy birthday little man.