Has anyone tried the cuski comforters?

I worked in a childcare setting for a few years and remember two different families that swore by this unusual looking toys and their children loved them and it really did help them with the whole transition to nursery it settled them help them sleep and so on. Now expecting my baby I'm quite intrigued by them and wanted to know if other families have used them as even hospital recommend them for premature babies that can't really be handled as much but has this little comforter with mothers scent on it.  Now I'm not sure if this product is just more of a UK/ Europe thing or if it is global.

Research has shown that babies with comforters are much happier and more secure as they progress through certain milestones in their lives. Babies at about nine months old often become very clingy to mum as they realise they are individuals and not part of their mothers. A comforter seems to help with this transition.

Cuski was created to provide parents with a stylish, natural and compact alternative to dummies or bulky blankets.