MC and pregnant the following month but so nervous

So I had a Positive test on Jan 27th. Two days later, I started bleeding. Very light at first and then progressively heavier. They told me it was a chemical pregnancy. 
On Feb 28th I had another positive test.  A couple days later, I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and there was a little bit of light pink blood on the tissue. My first thought was "not again". So I cried myself to sleep assuming that meant it was happening again. But when I woke up, there was no blood. And I haven't bled any since then. 
They had me come in for hcg levels last week. On Tuesday it was 68. And on Friday it was 274. I'm getting another draw tomorrow
I guess I'm just wondering what that little amount of blood couldnhave been ? I didn't think it was implantation bleeding since I have a positive tests a few days before. I'm just confused. Any advice or encouragement would be so appreciated!