Hi I am 22 and my bf is 32. Neither of us have any kids. We say we want some and are trying but feel like he isn't trying enough. I want it more than he does. Situation is the place we live is on the property of where he works and no children under the age of 16 allowed, cause its a business. Last month I told him about a cheap house for rent $500 a month all utilities included. He said its nice but we are going to spend more money than we make. In my mind. I'm like well how are we supposed to try, if I get pregnant then we have to move. Why not just tell me "hey babe how about we try when we get a good bit of money saved up" ???? Call me selfish or whatever. But how can he say that. Ever since we talked about having a baby over a year ago feels like his mind has told his d*** to go limp when he is about to finish. Every time I try to get him in the mood he says stop. No way I am gonna have a baby. What should I do?