Feel like he's either distancing himself from me or I'm just being emotional. It's pretty long

I haven't seen my boyfriend in 2 weeks when we would normally see each other once or twice a week. It's only due of the fact his schedule changed st work so he's not getting off until late usually.

I stay up waiting for him to text me or call me and I pretty much messed up my internal clock haha. He calls but he gets distracted and doesn't pay me any attention. When he text he will take up to an hour to respond. When were on Facebook hell look at my message and then take up to an hour to respond unless I ask him if he's busy and his usual answer is no sorry or sorry I got distracted. I asked him to just slightly speed up the time of replying because by time he does its close to 1 am or past that and I would like to talk a little before sleeping. This has never really happened. He is usually all excited and anxious to speak to me and will reply to my text messages and send me the most adorable messages ever or a simple I love you babe.

I finally seen him yesterday and I just wanted to cuddle and enjoy his company but a few minutes later he was rubbing on my breast. I asked him to stop but at the same time I was already turned on so we had sex. Not even 5 minutes after he finishes, he passes thee fuck out. Mind you he had to leave by 2:30 and he came by around 10 and slept since 11. We really had no time spent. He told me hell come back once he gets home and takes care of some things I said okay. He never came back. I messages him around 4:30 wondering what was up. His errand he had to do got cancelled and I asked him if he wanted to come back over. He made excuse after excuse as if he didn't want to come back over and see me. I got so upset but I didn't let him know. We just ended up messaging each other. He still took forever as always and I finally got fed up and told him I would message him when I wasn't angry because I didn't want to be mean to him. I should of told him my feelings but he really made no effort to ask me why.

Today he had a day off and made no indication to tell me. We could of seen each other but nope. I only found out when he told me he was going to the hospital to get his burns checked out. He has a massive burn from his wrist to hid elbow and it's disturbing to look at. He normally ask me to come with him when he goes. He didn't ask. He keeps looking at my messages and taking more than hour to reply. I told him I was upset but he only put lol and didn't care. So I apologized and said sorry for being upset and That was that. I feel really bad and I don't want to seem like I'm a clingy gf when I'm not. I just miss him since we really haven't spoken in 2 weeks.

Am I being to much of a stuck up or childish gf or is he not really paying me much mind?