Grown up talk.

I am a 30 year old, married woman who loves her husband more then anything and so here I am to advise all those young girls out there crying about your men.

1: act like an adult! Do not whine about stupid stuff. Like how he didn't say anything about the color of your nails. Who cares?

2: have pride and confidence in yourself! You are priceless! But don't over do it. They hac we to put up with your shit too!

3: do not look in their phone, Facebook i.m. Twitter i.m. Anything like that. Trust your man. You picked him.

4: it doesn't matter if he has a lot of girls on his facebook. He picked you! The rest is just like a display case. Pretty behind a glass.

5: have a job of your own! You don't need his money. it will make it nice when you both have enough to get bye on your own.