I cannot believe he did that! I need friends

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My boyfriend is currently in Pennsylvania working. He skyped me and told me to take the phone to my mom. I wondered why but never in a hundred years would I be prepared for what he wanted to talk to her about. He asked my mom if he could marry me and I nearly fell out of my seat! He's looking for a ring now and he's going to do a proper proposal when he gets back but I'm so nervous and all emotional I don't know what to think or how to go about it. I need a friend and or a life mentor to help me get over my jitters which feels so much like anxiety I dont have any friends that I can talk to unfortunately I feel like I'm rubbing my happiness in their faces while they're struggling in life and I don't like that feeling. Is there anyone out there looking for a new friend to add to their group? I'm a bit shy until I get to know you but after that I'm pretty silly sort of a nerd I like to drink never been to a concert or club before. However I've been to a bar and a few small get togethers. I live in Chicago. I like to travel learn new things pick up healthy and or fun hobbies. Love makeup and hair although I don't wear a lot of make up. Also into piercings don't have any other than 1 in both ears looking to get my nose pierced in the near future. I'm mixed my ethnicity not that it matters anyway but I'm Native American spaniard black and white. Lol I just really need a good loyal friend that I can trust and grow to love as a sibling other than my puppy lol