Just need to rant and maybe a little chearing up


Hi I'm Shelbi. I have a daughter Lily who will be 3 in June :( she's doing this growing up thing way to fast. Well my husband and I are not, not trying to have another baby we said hey if it happens good if not we will just keep having unprotected sex. Well my breast are sore and my fingers crossed.....

but he did something stupid today and got into a fight with his mom so now he's in jail..... Again.

He was already on parole and I haven't even cried about it yet. This is his third time in jail first time was a couple of months he missed Lily being born, second time was a year, missed birthdays and Christmas then he came home and we had the most wonderful Christmas with daddy.

Don't get me wrong he's the best dad and I love him so much such a great husband. He stopped drinking for me and our daughter

but yesterday he found a bottle and drank it and got black out drunk.

his mom tried to keep him inside and told him to go to bed, it didn't work so I had to call the cops for our own safety. once they started fighting they were choking each other out and it was scary. He will probably be in another year maybe more. I still haven't cried I think I'm done giving him chances. Every thing was so perfect IDK why he decided to drink a whole bottle ....

What am I going to say to Lily when she asks where her daddy is I'm heart broken and that's going to make me cry right there watching my beautiful princess running around saying where is daddy. I can't take it

I think I'm going to stay here with my mother in law because I take care of her mom on hospice care then after the funeral get a job to save up money and head back to California where I actually have friends sorry this is so long I can't sleep and I'm so overwhelmed and just want some one to tell me to get a grip and leave asap