Want to punch someone part 2

So I got home after work in a bummed mood and he's still going with the story that it's an old picture, I mean it's not, I can overlook a lot of things, but that red jackets only been on the couch these last three days, so bullshit.

He goes and takes a shower and I jump on the computer, which opens up to his facebook page and conversation with said girl he hasn't talked to in ages apparently. I kid you not.

So what now? Now he's begging for another chance, still lying about questions I already know the answer to.

So that scarf was your sisters huh? Well I know your sister doesn't have bad taste and your other girlfriend is wearing it in a picture 4 months ago, but yea sure it's your sisters.

Begging for a second chance, he says he'll put pictures of us on his facebook, we've been together 5 years, no pictures of us, but a dozen of him and her.

Begging for a second chance, he says he wants to start trying for a baby... seriously?

Omg guys but he has a problem he says it's an addiction he can't stop, he needs my help and that I should believe him now because he gave me his facebook password after deleting any incriminating messages that I'd gotten a glimpse of.

Like did I pick the biggest ass hole or what?