My trip to L&D this morning πŸ˜’

Amiee β€’ #1 Jordyn 03/14/15 #2 Nasir 02/21/18
Well well well, I thought it was time I woke up w/ my back on fire and I felt as though I had to push , I get to the hospital and they saw that my contractions were ranging from every 2-5 mins but I couldn't feel them at all 😩, they went and checked me and I was dilated just 1cm still and effaced 80% πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜’smh but I did agree to stripping my membrane . I guess now is the waiting game , I just knew I was at least 5 cms dilated lol soo I'm praying and hoping I will be holding my baby girl by tonight or tomorrow πŸ™, lol I'm about to go for a very long walkΒ