Michigan people?

?Chef Cara? • Currently cook for a fine dining restaurant in Traverse City. Single, 27, chef, would love to be a mom someday.
Is there anyone on here that's in Muskegon or nearby. That wants to hang out. I'm 23 and in culinary school and don't have friends on campus my age. I'm originally from Flint, but attend school here in Muskegon. I go home at the end of each quarter. Everyone is either 18 or 19 and I can't do much with them. The ones I do hang out with they're off doing their own thing now. I just need some friends to hang out with preferably 21 and over. I understand that I am busy because culinary is a lot of work and I'm always doing homework. When I'm not busy I'm just bored. I like to have fun and now with the weather getting warmer there's so much to do on this side of the state but no one to do it with.