Degree, wedding, move, and baby... In 7 months.

My boyfriend and I broke the news to my parents last night that we are expecting. They took it better than I expected. I also think it helps that I'm in North Carolina visiting while they are back in Ohio so that gives them a few days to face the reality before I come back. My mom is already setting dates for our wedding to be in June... Let me remind you - it's my boyfriend, not fiancée. We already feel like we let them down so we want to respect their wishes and get married before the baby comes. So I'm probably getting proposed to tomorrow evening - big surprise. Then I have to go home and finish my masters program- finish my thesis and two internships- while I plan for a wedding... And my first baby... And for my 12 hour move from Ohio to North Carolina to my soon-to-be hubby. Needless to say I'm feeling very overwhelmed and I've cried for the better part of the day. I know it's my fault for getting pregnant but I feel like I'm getting robbed of everything a girl dreams of. I just want to get proposed to in a cute way and take time to plan my dream wedding and be excited and joyful and enjoy the experience of being pregnant, but I feel like that's all being taken away from me. I'm playing the pregnant card here and blaming all the crying on the hormones but I just feel so sad right now. Normally I'd have a glass - or bottle - of wine right now but that's off limits. Anyone have any advice on how to plan a wedding in 3 months?