In-law Probs.

Mrs. L • Married 9/14/13. TTC #1 :)
My father-in-law had to move in with my husband and I. He lost his job and it was us or homeless. He is a raging alcoholic. He has no income, no savings, and no insurance. My husband and I are newleyweds (1.5 yrs) and have only been roomateless for three months before his father moved in. We don't know what to do with this man. We don't want him living with us anymore, but we don't know of any programs or options for him. Rehab is not an option. He refuses to get sober and since he doesn't have insurance I don't know who the cost falls on. We talked about builing and in-law suite but I'm not spending thousands on someone who isn't doing anything to help himself. If anyone has any ideas please help! Thanks.