GENDER REVEAL PARTY (PLEASE read before voting)

Wanting some opinions on this.
So we find out the gender on April 6th. (This is separate from a baby shower) I'm thinking about doing a gender reveal party with no gifts just a fun little reveal thing. A little get together with food, snacks, drinks and card/board games not some huge party. Then reveal to everyone else on social media since I have some friends and family who are out of the area. If I were to do this I was going to do pink and blue colors for the decorations and all and then have a cake (or cupcakes not sure yet maybe both) and when you cut it it's either pink or blue inside😜 I'm not going to do it on April 6th when I find out it would be a little while after. However I don't want to wait until my baby shower to tell everyone because that's so far away, but I also don't want to just post online the gender it seems less exciting to me I guess and not as fun. So my question is: Do you think a reveal party would be stupid and pointless? 

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