So discouraged. Any positive thoughts?

At 35+2 I'm feeling so guilty about it but I'm almost (but not quite) resentful of the little creature inside me. She is making me sooooo tired and miserable. I don't even have the pleasure of eating what I want as I frequently get sick because there is no room for food AND baby because I'm so short. Can't sleep, so incredibly tired and can barely get thru the day. I complain too much and then feel guilty about it because my hubby and coworkers have enough to deal with in their own days work. Everything hurts and I can't clean or cook or do anything useful. Can barely get through the days of seeing patients and trying to help their problems and illnesses. Can't even work out more than a couple times a week due to pain. I want to love my pregnancy but I'm feeling so detached and weird about everything. So worried and stressed and hubby has surgery next week. I'm just a mess and could use some positive feedback. If anyone has any to spare. Sorry for being such a whiner!!