Pre-Pregnancy Low Carb Diet

Okay so I am 6-7 weeks pregnant with my first. Prior to pregnancy, I followed a very strict low-carb, low-sugar diet called Ideal Protein. Diabetes runs in my family and the only way I can keep my weight down is to eat this way. Of course, the second I found out I was pregnant, I stopped the diet and introduced more fruits and whole grains. I actually eat remarkably healthy, but I've seriously put on 7 pounds since 2/24/15. I was thin to begin with (5'5", 125 lbs), but I'm concerned I'll be huge before I'm even showing! I KNOW weight gain is normal but I don't want to be unhealthy! I want my baby's health to come first so I'm not concerned about how I'll look per se... I'm more concerned with the health risks and gestational diabetes! My question is, should the weight gain slow down once my body adjusts to my new way of eating?