I'm at my wits end


So I live in apartment building in the middle of New York City and one of the most populated boroughs the Bronx. I'm in my early twenties I am a full time student domestic violence survivor, and I work any of the time that I'm not in school. So when I get home I would like to sleep. The upstairs neighbors are so inconsiderate. When I first moved into this building which one of the whole reasons I chose this building is because this is a family oriented area .there are schools and hospitals just around the corner but when she moved in upstairs the noise level for this building went up tremendously she holds parties in the middle of the week that last and until sometimes 3-4 o'clock in the morning and then it spills out into the hallway where her & her guest run back and forth like they were children until it eventually spills downstairs to the front of the building where on several occasions in this (last 2 months alone) people have actually started opening their windows to yell and scream at her to be quiet. She is so drunk that the next day that she sleeps all day and does it again that night and she does this quite often. Right now I have a fever of 103.5 and it is 3:45am in the morning and she has been partying since 8:30pm last night.This is after she woke me and a few other neighbors up at 6 o'clock this morning with loud music..so I've been up for a total of 22 hours with a fever chills and headache, swollen lymph noids and a sore throat. I've informed the superintendent of the building 3 times each time he said that he had spoken to her and each time the matter gets worse. it's like she's rebelling by being even louder because he speaks to her about the situation, anyone else from New York knows about the 311. which is the central complaint department here .there has been 2calls and 3 emails 311 complaints tonight alone. to have someone come out and put an end to this party . And an outstanding total of 10 between January and march since she moved in. from various people in the building (myself included) and yet no one has done anything

I sometimes have to be at school 6 a.m. or at work by 7 or even at the court to continue this trial which are all very hard to do when you're only getting two hours of sleep because of this partying that's constantly going on. To make matters worse although it's 4 o'clock and the noise has finally stopped. I have to be at work in the next 2 hours to open the store.I'm not going to get a chance to sleep honestly .I'm under enough stress with school midterms and my court date both this coming week I really don't need this. & I really don't know what to do at this point