3 tests 2 are diff

Smilie • Hello our first baby girl is on the way on the 22nd November 2015... Please be a sticky baby 👼 ✨BD to all
So yesterday around 12sh on 2nd morning urine I took a test which is the first one 
This morning was the 2nd one both white superdrug with 10mlu hcg level test
Today I took a poundland one with 20mlu and I could barley see anything u need to move and twist to eve see a smudge. 
Was thinking is my hcg to low my period was 14th 2nd and I took a clear Blue dig Ov pack and got a solid peak. Day on Tuesday the 3rd but didn't test the Monday so could have been one then to. Then got some brown spotting the Monday and late Sunday night. 
What you think ladies??!?