Need to share with someone!

Michelle • My husband and I have been together 7 years and married 3 years. TTC our rainbow, lost our first.
Hello ladies! So I've been off birth control since early November and have had fairly regular periods since. They have come on the 24th or 25th day of my cycle. Last month AF came on day 22. This month AF was due on Thursday (day 24) but is still not here. Got a BFN on a test yesterday. I'm excited and also nervous that it's just irregularity, but don't want to share with my husband in case I'm pregnant. I want to do a cute surprise for him when I find out... Just needed to tell someone, anyone that's not close to me since everyone always hounds me to have a baby already! Thanks for being ears I could share my excitement/ worry with! Love the Glow community!! Baby dust to all!! ✨