Rant about dad !

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Never posted in the group not even sure if this fits the category lol. But here goes. Ok so me & my fiancé have been together 4 years we've been engaged 2. We plan to get married this fall (October) we have a 2 1/2 year old son he will be 3 in August & we will have our second child in November as long as our pregnancy goes ok this time. We had a miscarriage last August. Well anyways on to my rant. My dad was around when I was born. Or half my life he still only comes around 1-2 times a year. & only lives 20 mins away. Well today my fiancé was working & my car had a flat it may sound dumb but I've never been taught how to change it. But regardless I was babysitting for a family member & her man was gonna change it when he got home he ended up just airing it up though. Well anytime something goes wrong with my car I text my dad cause he's a mechanic. But he also doesn't work he relies on his women who he cheats on & has a 6 year old kid with. Well this is the response I got from my dad 'Wats wrong with hunters lazy ass or he's to dumb tp change a tire for u . He is very useless. U need to get rid of that zero an get u a hero child's daddy or not.' Like excuse you dude he's at work unlike you he works to provide for his family he doesn't rely on a women & second you aren't a man & never have been. I went off on my dad he doesn't even know my fiancé he's been around him maybe 3 times. My dad is a huge hypocrite & I told him he was really rude he basically told me get over it so I was like looks dude were expecting another child & getting married & since you don't support our relationship & wanna judge him you don't need to be apart of our life & he said that's ok. Of course it's ok you've never been around so you could care less that this bridge has burned. I'm just so pissed that he had the nerve to say that crap.