Finding Twws so stressful


This is our 3rd cycle and i'm currently 9dpo which I know is still early but im finding it all so stressful. This wasn't how I imagined it. So I need a little rant!

Firstly im a poas-aholic so I'm instantly annoyed from 8-9dpo because I can't control myself even though I know it's too early!😞

Secondly all pregnancy symptoms are EXACTLY the same as pms symptoms!! This is just cruel!😠

Thirdly how come people who aren't even trying (or even worse... who are still on bc!) Find the selves expecting?😣😣

I know it's only our third cycle and there are others many months or even years trying but im just so fed up with it all. It's draining me. 😢😢

And breathe😔