Bf said he had a condom on... He didnt, and i was high risk for fertility

Im 16 years old. Last friday and the friday before that me and my bf had sex. Today I noticed that my breasts are really sore. I should get my period this around the end of this week so I thought it was because of that and because my body is still changing. My boyfriend of 2 years just told me that he took the condom off half way through because it "felt better". He did not cum in me. Im beyond hurt and extremely scared. He broke my trust and now i may have to suffer consequences i am definitely not ready for. Last friday i was 33% fertile according to this app, the week before 7.5%. If someone could give me advice on what to do regarding my boyfriend and also give me advice on early warning signs of being pregnant thats would be great... Ive googled but i really just need to talk to someone thats experienced right now.. I cant stop crying. God bless.