19 and ????

Ive been with my partner for a year now but we have known each other for 4 years. We live together and are both financialy stable. He has a 4 year old boy from previous relationship who i love and see as my own child. He is 28 and im 19, the age doesn't bother us or our families. My parents are a little concerned that i have "wifed up" at such a young age but they just want me to be happy. My partner has been getting really clucky lately and has told me he really wants a baby with me. We had a plan not to have a baby until i was 24 but now he is just so clucky he wants one now but when i talk to him more about it it changes from now to later to now again. Im a little freaked out but i know if we had one we would be fine and wven though it would be my first i think i would be a good mum. Anyone else havr any info, stories or advice.