Anyone else have parents with mental problems? *rant*

I'm seriously about to rip my hair out. I need to rant to someone!

I live with my mom. It's only for the next 6 months or so but it's becoming ridiculous.

She's schizophrenic, bi polar, depressed, and a compulsive liar. It's something she's dealt with for the last 15 years but in the past 5 it's been getting so bad. She stopped taking her schizophrenia medication and has a history of trying to kill herself so it's worrying. She's very slow moving and manic.

I've tried to help but she thinks she knows what's best for her. So she stopped going to therapy, and doesn't take as many medications.

She and I don't have any kind of bond. I just live here until I have enough money to get my own place.

I'm pregnant as well (8 weeks) and I'm trying to not stress out.

Unfortunately we had a fight and I told her me and my boyfriend aren't comfortable with her watching the baby so much because of her mental and physical problems. She lost feeling in her hands and feet and falls often and bumps into everything.

She freaked out and won't talk to me. She stomps away like a 3 year old when she sees me!

And to top it off, I'm home in my room right now and my mom and grandma don't know I'm home.

So all I hear is my mom talking about how she hopes I lose my baby because I won't be a good mom and that I'm only here because I'm pregnant. So she hopes I miscarriage so she can kick me out. Apparently I need medication (I have no mental problems lol)

Anyone else go through this? I feel like everyone I talk to can't relate 😔