Pregnant or No?

Paige • I have been with my fiancé for 3 years and we`re planning on getting married October 2015!
I haven't been on BC for almost 2 years but every time my fiancé and I have sex, he uses a condom. We don't have sex often but it's usually 2-3 times a month. At the beginning of my ovulation when my fertility was a little higher than 3%, we had unprotected sex for a literally a minute right at the beginning of getting into it. I immediately got a condom and we finished with that. A few days ago we did the same thing. I was suppose to start my period about 3 days ago but it's hasn't started yet. My breasts have been on/off sore and I feel a little bloated but my cramps haven't started like usual. I feel fine otherwise. I'm dry when I wipe after using the restroom. Could I possibly be pregnant? I know it's probably early with it being only 3 days but I'm a little concerned now. This was only the second time having unprotected sex in over 2 years and it wasn't even for very long (which I know that doesn't matter).