Love bug πŸ˜©πŸ‘ΆπŸ’—

Tylah β€’ 21 years old.. 1st baby born 3/12/15 😘😘
On 3\10\15 (40w + 1d) i went in for a regular doctors appointment and they measured my amniotic fluid to see if my daughter had enough, they came back and said ( get ready to go upstairs to labor and delivery ) . My heart dropped Bcus my water didn't break nor was i getting contractions . They said the fluid is suppose to be 5 or greater and mines was 2.2 so they was gonna induce me . I was with my fiancΓ© but I had to call my mom and pray . They then inserted some pills into me to get me 100% thinned out (cramped alil ) they kept checking me and then decided to put me on (pa toxin) the contractions was flowing but I was taking them like a champ UNTIL they said her heart rate was dropping so they stopped the medicine ( they gave me turbelent) once they saw she was okay they started them back up. I was about 4cm i asked for the epidural ( & let me tell you , in Ny once they connect the needle to your back every 15 minutes you can press for more ) then I started feeling like I had to go to the bathroom really BAD , and every contraction she was pushing closer. I went from 6cm to 10cm . With my fiancΓ© and my mother Holding up my legs it took about 15 minutes and 6 pushes she was here ( with no tears or stitches ) πŸ’ͺ i looked over at the clock and it was 7:23am when she arrived on 3/12/15 im so proud of myself . Glory to God . My beautiful Nylah