Post divorce STRESS!

Divorced in 2013 2 young ones. He's not much of a father never was I'm sure he loves them but doesn't want the responsibility. We tried 50/50 but he didn't do his part unless he was upset with me then he would take them over holidays birthdays etc... Just to break my heart. So I go to mediation and he gives me primary care but wants to take the kids all summer. I feel that is unfair so my we set a court date and the ex gets mad and asks for full custody. Court Jan 20th on stand he admitted to not having a fit place but still asked for 50/50. Feb 20th I get word from lawyer that we won he sees the kids every other weekend and 1 week each month in the summer. He moved about 30 miles away after that and last Monday I get a letter he wants the judge to reconsider his decision. My lawyer doesn't think that will happen. I'll find out on the 23rd. But what if that crazy ex decides to appeal that it will go federal and I'll have to spend thousands more for a new lawyer and federal court. FM this is driving me crazy