Frequent yeast infections

My boyfriend and I are long distance so I only see home every few months. Recently, over Christmas break and then just last week, I got the chance to spend a couple of weeks with him. Because we're long distance we have sex multiple times a day because we don't get the chance that often. I got a yeast infection after the first week and a half over Christmas and then just this past week an a half I went to Hawaii to visit him and I got home yesterday and now I have a yeast infection. I shower daily, clean often, am very good with wearing clean underwear and bathing suits. Not sure what is causing them. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, this past visit we used lube to help with friction and we both are breaking out. I have red bumps all over the back end of my vagina and on my butt. Not sure if it's because the oil or possible allergic reaction, but he also has them on his penis. They look like pimples or small red dots. Any ideas on that? Thanks y'all!