Really scared

Okay so here's the whole story. I took a birth control pill 3 hours late, it was the second pill of my new pack. And I wasn't sure if that would effect anything very much but just to be safe I was going to use a condom for the next 7 days. But on the 7th day before I took my 7th pill I had sex twice without a condom but the next day just to be extra safe I took an Ella EC pill. That yesterday and today I had lame mild cramping which is listed on the symptoms of Ella so I wasn't that worried but then I started bleeding, and that's not a symptom. I thought maybe it's just spotting from maybe ovulation but I'm on birth control plus I took Ella so I should not be ovulating and if I am I'm majorly screwed. But sometimes my periods are just really light the first day because (tmi) I also have diarrhea which I get on my period every time, but I shouldn't be on my period it's 2 weeks early... I just don't even know what to be scared about right now I have no idea what's going on. Do you think maybe the Ella and birth control together made me ovulate or something like that seems so unlikely but Idek what to think