Have you heard of cryptic pregnancy

I'm throwing up and my back hurts and stomach hurts. I can barely keep my eyes open but I'm craving still. I only have 1 child now and he was cryptic. The same symptoms I had with him im currently having. I'm in a lot of pain. I had an ultrasound done and the tech said she didn't see nothing wrong at all. I even missed my period. I'm in a lot of pain and my shoulders and back kills me. I cramp on one side and its my right side. my mom thinks I should get another opinion. Urine, blood, ultrasound was all negative. I'm also bloated but don't know why. Idk what to do. All this feel like a repeat. I would be 3 weeks today.. I didn't drink no water at all. Before she did the vaginal part She asked if my bladder was full I said yes. my bladder wasn't full at all. I asked was it full she said yea. Maybe I need to do internal ?