Boyfriend wants me to get a pregnancy test

So my boyfriend was told about a girl in our town that just had a baby and she didnt know through the whole pregnancy because she was always irregular on her period and she didnt fisically change. Yesterday we received the news of an aunt who just found out she is pregnant and she wasnt planning it. Now my boyfriend wants me to get tested. But we have never had sex!!!! We have played around like oral sex for both, but we have never had intercourse and now he wants to be sure, so he can plan ahead. Wtf. I was like okay baby I can test but last time we had the closest contact, my period arrived 2 days later. My period was over on sunday and yesterday we had some fun. Do you think we should really worry about it? We have never used preservatives for oral sex as we are both first timers with each other so no STD but I think it's not possible to be pregnant. I know he is scared of having oral and then fingering me but we are always careful about it. 😥 How would you feel if your boyfriend asks you to test?