I feel like a bad mother. (Kinda long sorry)

Sarah🍕 • 27. Married. Mommy to two boys. Artist. Atheist. Intactivist. Pro choice.
My son has colic and some days when he is crying for hours on end I get so frustrated and mad. I have to put him down and walk away. I cry and scream into a pillow because I don't know what to do. I've tried everything to calm him down. Fees him, change him, burp him, play with him, sing and rock him and even just leave him be in his crib thinking he may be over stimulated. None of it works. I check his temp and no fever. I give him the corrext dose of gripe water and nothing works. I get so mad that sometimes I go to the other room and throw something at the wall. I feel terrible that I get so mad but I can't help it. Does anyone have any advice to help me figure out a way to not get upset?