Permanent Birth Control.

Jessica • Mommy of 2
So I have 2 lovely kids already a boy & a girl. I have been on Birth Conteol pills for about a year now. I'm tired of taking them I feel like it's just messing with my body. Before the pill I had the IUD but it started implanting in my uterus so took it out before it got worse. I've read up on Tubal Ligation but it scares me because I've already have had 2 C-Sections. I also read about this new non-surgical method called Essure it consists of two small metal could that they implant into your Fallopian tubes through the cervix. It's an outpatient procedure. And I have heard negative things about the Essure. So I'm not too confident on going the Essure route. But just maybe the Tubal Ligation.
All this is just so worrisome I don't know which choice to make I'm still young yes but I don't want anymore kids and I don't want to harm my body with pills if I don't have to. What are your thoughts about this topic.? If like to hear your story and or advice/opinion.