Touchy feely SIL

Adele • 27. TTC baby #1 for 11 months, born July 2015. TTC baby #2 since march 2016 BFP Aug 2017 MC at 5 weeks BFP Oct 2017 🌈 Rainbow baby due July 2018🌈
Okay so I have a sister in law who thinks I am public property! Always rubbing my belly without asking and even offering to other people to touch my belly! Like seriously back off!! I have hinted subtlety to her that Id prefer people to ask first (btw I absolutely wouldn't care in the slightest if she would just ask first instead of treat me like she owns me) and she just doesn't seem to think that this applies to her. Anyways the other night we went out for dinner with my husbands family and I was sitting opposite her and I got a txt the next few days after saying she didn't get to touch my belly the other night coz we weren't sitting close enough. I had had enough so I sent back saying that it gets a bit much everyone wanting to touch me all the time hoping she would get the idea and kind of stop without offending her! Everyone in my family asks even my sister yet for some reason she thinks she can do it whenever she wants and it really bugs me! She never wrote back and so I think she is mad. But I really don't care ive had enough it's called personal space!!!